Thursday, July 19, 2012

smart phone gone dumb

A week and a half ago, my smart phone's 3G decided to stop working. It helped me figure out how much a taxi would be from Union to my new house, and then peacefully turned itself off, took a snooze, and when I turned it on, had decided to revolt from its internet capabilities--cell phone gone on strike.

Its been like that for 10 days or so now and I haven't done much about it.  I tried the turn-it-off-take-out-battery-turn-back-on several times. The four-year-old I nanny had that suggestion right away. Beside give the battery of the cell phone a breather, it didn't do a thing.  I was also emailed instructions by the cell phone carrier, and I followed them diligently, but to no avail. Cell phone still on strike.

What I should do is go on in to this carrier's storefront, although I don't really know if they have them, and if they don't, I haven't a clue where the nearest RadioShack is, which is where I bought my no-contract phone.  I have no complaint with the company, my cell phone has worked without glitch for a year, and for cheaper than I thought possible. My cell phone is probably just obeying orders, because only a day before I had told a few family members that I thought I'd go no-smart-phone next time I upgraded, or should I say, downgraded. I had even looked at older keyboard phones on the website. My poor, misused cell must have gotten the hint. Sorry, buddy.

Today as I carried overstuffed grocery bags home, missing the bus by thirty seconds and waiting for another impatiently, my bags strewn on the sidewalk, the only thing I miss about the smart phone was the bus tracker app. That app was my friend, and actually, a hated enemy--all at once. Two minutes for the 36? Hallelujah! Twenty-three minutes for the Lawrence bus? You have got to be kidding. I consider walking two miles but realize I've probably already walked around six today, with a small child and three hundred snacks in tow.  Maybe this too should be left in oblivion, when the bus will come or won't. Sometimes pleasantly surprised, sometimes anxiously waiting, craning my neck every so often just to check for the lit-up scrolling words of the Chicago CTA.

Although I was getting quite fond of Instagram, I can't say I miss its function on my phone. Twitter... you were close to dead to me anyway, I like you, but you're overwhelming, and I don't seem to follow the right people so I always scroll looking for my mom or a friend's lonely post in a sea of spam.  Facebook I am glad to be rid of. So addictive, so time-consuming to look through every update, every post. At least on the app stalking is limited, I am a creepy stalker if I ever get on Facebook on an actual computer. It's best if I leave it alone until I learn how to use it for good.

Before I lost the internet on my phone, I thought receiving email to my handheld device was terribly handy and almost necessary. Until I didn't have it. Then I realized I forget to check it altogether. Now I know why it takes people weeks to respond to emails... it's their norm. I know many people that their norm is minutes, or at the very most a few hours. At most work environments you must conform to these standards. I did, and now I don't have to. Nana, nana, boo, boo.

My new existence feels very strange, sometimes sad, and also very happy. I'm writing more. I wish to write  even more (and say it often enough that I better start doing it). The cable TV in this new place was enchanting for about two days. Now I am over that, and can resort back to writing, reading, reading more, and writing. Praying, thinking, letting a few tears leak down, sitting on the porch, petting needy cats.

 Alone in the dark is a wonderful place to be. For me. Either I'm changing or I'm going back to who I was, I'm not sure. Often I feel like I did when I was a little girl.With people, with people, and then alone. Joyously alone. (You know I know I am never really alone). Alone with my stuffed animals, alone in a tree, alone at the park on the monkey bars. Maybe my dear phone needed a break from the world, weary of seeing every picture, reading every word and thought. Tired, so tired. Now I just need to get better at phone calls. I seem to have a bit of a phobia. I should have been alive during the letter-writing era, it seems, my hand writing would be much improved.


Life with Kaishon said...

You fascinate me Emma! I love reading about your take on life. I was just thinking the other day about how dependent I am upon my phone. I don't like being this way. I purposely left my phone home three times this week. Once for a day of work. Once for a trip to the market. Once for a pool visit. It was nice not to worry about who was calling and texting. Life went on without my phone. I am going to try to leave it more. I do love taking pictures on instagram on it. The thing with that is that I find myself scrolling through others pictures after I have posted mine and I am missing out on whatever the kids are doing. : (

I hope you have a great day of nannying tomorrow! I really, really hope you make all the busses : ) Happy Friday (almost)

Donna Boucher said...

Love this!!!

Phones are hard for me...I'll tell you about it person.

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