Friday, July 20, 2012

ethnic food

Since living in Chicago, I've tried almost every kind of food. Korean BBQ, Polish Pierogi, Mediterranean Falafel, Vietnamese Pho, and everything in between. Some live to try new foods, scoping out obscure ethnic restaurants, and the city has an endless amount. And you know what? More often than not I'd die for a burger, for some cheese pizza. Not deep dish, maybe NY style, usually a Jack's.  Though I'm not picky, and will try anything once (if not twice just for good measure), this girl has had her fill of trying new things...when it comes to food. Confession: I've gone to McDonald's twice in the past month after almost a year's absence, and I loved every minute of it. Completely satisfying. Extra ketchup with those fries, please.

I'll write more on my ethnic food adventures someday... the reason I started writing this post is because I AM excited about one ethnic food that I still crave: Thai. And I just moved to a neighborhood with some delicious Thai restaurants.

Mmm. See you for lunch.


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