Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Women.

I just finished watching Little Women. It seems almost sacrilege to say that I finished watching the movie Little Women. I grew up having Little Women read aloud to me, and to watch a movie about a girl learning to write, learning to share emotion, express life through words, letting meaning pour out from her soul onto a page... Well, it just seems wrong.

Jo and I are alike. Hopelessly flawed. But passionate, our hearts turned to anger and a friends' defense at a word; seeing the joy of family not torn apart but closely knit together; desperate to fulfill our dreams, fulfill our destiny- but unsure how. Unafraid, yet doubtful. Bold, but questioning.

I do know this. No one will stop us, you see. As Meg says, we all bring justice to the world in our own way. Marnie hers, Jo hers.

God show me how to bring your justice to this world. Here, today. Real, true, hope. Meaningful existence in a world that has lost what it means to be.


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