Saturday, December 11, 2010


I really don't like it. Is a blog Social Media? Bummer. I think it is. Every time I log onto Facebook, Tweet or watch a Youtube video I somehow feel less and less connected to the people around me. I really think it is a lie that these websites bring us closer to each other. They don't. They creepily keep us informed on what our friends, parents, celebrities, and people we don't even know are doing.

Here's to having more friends in real life than you do on Facebook. Even if that means you have 10 Facebook friends. That is perfectly OK. Maybe even preferable.

I miss the days of being unplugged. I know, technology has been advancing ever since I was born - but I can still remember not having a cell phone, not caring about the internet and wanting to play outside with my brothers more than watching Saturday morning cartoons.

I think I was meant to end up in a little town in Northern Nowhere, WI. After I graduate in May, I'd like to buy a new Mr. Coffee and head up to my quaint cabin, and sit and listen to the quiet. Be woken up by the sunrise and birds chirping, unaware that it is much too early; be put to bed by the crickets and the cool, calm frost forming on the corners of the windows.

I can close my eyes and imagine it now.


larainy said...

I agree. I'm creepily reading this from S.C. But I'd really like to be sitting next to you.

Emma said...

Hey, I know you, so it's not creepy. (: Come on over Laura, it is the perfect day to drink coffee and tea and sit and watch the snow, meanwhile pretending to study for finals.

Donna Boucher said...

So. You want to live my life.

I find it lonely being alone in this house, in the snow, in the north.

I agree that the social media world is a false sense of community in many ways...
and sometimes you really need a real life friend to sit with your or bring you a meal....

I am glad that I can connect and share. I like to share my pictures and quotes and thoughts. I don't seem to have an outlet for those things in my real life.

mamabear said...

Emma, I see that you wrote this a month ago today. But I wanted to let you know that this post was exactly what I needed to hear today. Struggling with how much technology is destroying my family, day by day, and feeling a bit helpless to do anything about it. Finding myself withdrawing a little more each month, in our "quaint cabin" up here on a mountain in Oregon.
Thank you for these words. They have spoken to my heart.


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