Monday, November 15, 2010

Caffeine Free

I should be doing homework now. Almost all of my classes are canceled this week because of a conference the majority of my professor's will be attending. So, I procrastinate. Counting the papers, projects and reading that are due at the end of the semester is intimidating. I spend a significant amount of time thinking about my homework, does that count for anything?

I've been trying to drink less caffeine lately. Being dependent on a few cups of coffee is completely typical to myself and peers - but I don't like the money I spend on it. And as I don't have any milk and don't feel like buying any, I can only enjoy so much black coffee before my teeth look like they might permanently be stained yellowish. Headaches from lack of caffeine isn't something I want either.

I have several things mulling in my mind, yet I really only want to talk about how I haven't done anything productive in the past 45 minutes and that although I don't want to drink coffee, I had some free coffee tonight at dinner, and it tasted terrible. No headache now, though.

What I'm really thinking about is how I got into the situation I'm in currently. I'm also thinking about God's grace in my weakness. He is worked incredibly in my life lately and my prayer for humbleness has somehow been used for His greater good and glory. I'm in awe.

I'm also thinking about my homeless friend Joe, who I had to pass on the bus this afternoon but couldn't stop to talk to because I was late for a presentation I was giving back at school. All I could see was the top of his hat peeking out from his coat, he was bent over and hidden in his coat from the cold wind that blusters through the south loop. I cried a little and prayed; guilty that I couldn't stop and talk. Tomorrow, Joe. I'll come say hi. I hope you will be able to lift that head up and smile, knowing a friend has come to see you.


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