Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wasn't my last blog about Caffeine?

Ah, Starbucks during Christmas time. No, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I know. But Starbucks, as well as the entire city of Chicago (and the rest of America) has already started the Christmas, or should I say The Holiday, celebration. And how do we celebrate? Good old Consumerism. Consumerism in a warm, red, cheerful cup of coffee. I am well aware that Christmas is not about the outrageous amount of money we spend, however, this blog is not about consumerism. I'm just not feeling bitter today. I'm feeling a kindness towards Starbucks and their overly priced drinks, too.

I worked at Starbucks during the Christmas season last year, and it was my favorite time of my employment. Because although the lines become longer, and the weary shoppers become more demanding, there is something about the Christmas drinks, the colors, the joyful community that takes place in a Starbucks that actually just might be what Christmas is about. Like it or not, people gather for conversation, for connection, to study and to laugh at their local Starbucks. When I was being trained there, I was told that Starbucks wants to be the "Third Place"...your first two places being home and work. Starbucks is the place you can go in your neighborhood to meet up with your neighbors, your friends, coworkers and coffee dates. I was reading a book for a class that actually compared and contrasted Starbucks and the church, and how community is something Starbucks does well - and oh wait, does the church do community well? Those united in Christ certainly should know how to do community well. I know there are a lot of us out there trying, and I'm glad to have these people in my life.

So, if you're not already addicted, invite a friend to Starbucks, or better yet, a local coffee shop, and have a conversation. Buy them their drink. Ask them how they are. It will probably mean more to them than a gift card to that very place.


Donna Boucher said...

I like your idea very much.


cscales said...

I totally remember working at Starbucks during the holidays. my fave. fo sho. community-hmm. agreed. lets go out for coffee you and i

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