Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My day went from sanctification, to meeting with the head of an organization I'm involved with, to identity crisis, to meeting with Vice Pres. and PR of another organization I'm involved with (separate from the first). It was long and God was talking to me. He definitely restored my soul during the identity crisis (which, was really the opening session of Moody's Mission's Conference). The speaker reaffirmed to me that we are not what we DO. Our identity is not how much we do for God, how many people we impact, how many people attend our church. Our mission of God can never be more important than God Himself.

I basked in the glory of that knowledge. Because everything I do is so minute in comparison to who God is and what He is making me (sanctification, discussed in Systematic Theology II).

The life of a Bible college student. It is kind of weird. I love it.


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