Friday, October 15, 2010

One thing I know: Men.

God is teaching me something new. I don't have all my thoughts gathered on the subject yet, nor do I think He is done teaching me. I think I will post something about it soon, it has to do with men. For now, I will say that there is one thing I know about men:

When you give men the chance to be men, real men will stand up and be real men. Men who are not real men, will not.

I have unfortunately found myself well versed in men who are not real men. But in a strange series of events, when I broke up with my last boyfriend, he proved himself more a man than at any other time of our relationship. I kept waiting to be taken advantage of, manipulated and accused. He didn't. I kept waiting for him to tell me it was my fault, that I was wrong and that I was to blame. He did not. Although it did not work out and we are not together, I can not say enough about how much respect I gained for him through that. My belief that all men were going to manipulate or lie to me was shattered. Now has begun the period of picking up the shattered pieces of my former beliefs, and letting God place them in their right being. This is what God is teaching me. He is showing me what REAL men, relationship and love actually mean. There is more to this story but it is beautiful outside and time for a run.


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