Wednesday, June 11, 2014


This moment, with these girls. It was perfection. (Note: cross your legs next time, Ems). I walked out into my backyard on a late Saturday morning to this... To my ya ya sisterhood.  I was yelling at my friends at how cute they were and to make a sweet face so I could capture the moment - C, make a nice face,  "you'll regret it if you look ugly." Whit, make it look like you're painting your toes or do something with that iced coffee. There, there. Sometimes you have to pose the moment, just a little, to get it just right.  After the picture I squeezed between them and scratched my friends' back and said oh if only we had some babies running around here with us, to which they replied with laughter and sighs... Fine, just get me a plant to take care of.  Then I jumped back into my chair so I could just look at 'em. Moments like these don't last long enough.  I want them to last forever.  I want to write about them and photograph them, the smiles, the sun, the love. I want to beam down at my friends, whose sisterhood I need, whose friendship I depend. My girls. These aren't just rare moments, these are lives lived with each other.  This is a glimpse into more than just a happy, carefree, lazy Saturday. It's a glimpse into laundromat runs, and late night talks, and tears, and doctor appointments and waiting for the bus at midnight just to get to your friend when she needs you.  Beautiful, beautiful sister friends. I love you, and I had to share this photo with the world, so I could remember it again and again.


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