Monday, April 9, 2012

One Hour

I missed the boat on writing about Easter. The blessed day was yesterday, seven hours of which, I spent in a car. One hour was spent kissing my nephew. One hour was spent in a mega church. One and a half hours was spent walking the dog. One hour was spent watching Bravo. All of those hours were spent with my family, except for the dog hours. Those were just with her wagging, jumping, licking, lab self.

 This year I did not give up anything for Lent, I did not go to any extra services, not even Good Friday. Beside that one hour in that mega church I had never stepped foot in before, it would not necessarily appear that I am very religious. Perhaps, I am not very religious in what the word might mean to some; I am, however, very religious; in fact, I may very well over-spiritualize most things.

 What I did do was mourn on Good Friday, I mourned for days leading up to Easter Sunday. Our world is not as it should be; it is more and more obvious each and every day. Christ suffered not just on the day he was crucified, but in the years leading up to his sacrifice, a sacrifice that though he tried to communicate with those around him he trusted and loved, they would not understand, even after an empty tomb.

 As I walked that lab early on Easter morning, I thought of Mary at the tomb of Jesus, wondering where he was, crying in grief and sadness, her Lord’s body taken. For the heart of Mary, I long for and wish to have someday. That she was even at the tomb reveals her faithfulness and loyalty towards the rabbi.

 I cannot say that I would have been there on Easter morning, mourning and confused; I might have been back at my house sleeping in; I might have ran when Jesus was arrested. This is too much.

 Though I do not know what I would have done then, I can only say this: that I know Jesus is risen and alive, indeed. He hasn’t left us alone here, either. Leaving his Holy Spirit with us, we are filled all the more with the sweetness of Jesus; he not only walks with us, he is united to us, fused together, never to be separated.

 "Mary", Jesus said, and she knew him. One hour at the empty tomb and her life was changed forever.


The Prude said...

Loving and 'amen'-ing everything about this.

Donna Boucher said...

So thoughtful.

KozarLove said...

Wonderful. Well done Emma!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Emma! Beautifully done.

Life with Kaishon said...

I am so glad He is alive.
So very thankful.

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