Thursday, April 12, 2012

But so did he fail

"What we do is very little.  But it is like the little boy with a few loaves and fishes.  Christ took that little and and increased it.  He will do the rest.  What we do is so little that we may seem to be constantly failing.  But so did he fail.  He met with apparent failure on the Cross, but unless the seeds fall into the earth and die, there is no harvest." - Dorothy Day

Beyond this, I don't have much to say. Only that I am grateful to open the Book of Common Prayer after months of passing it over to land on April 12th, in which Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement was featured. A deep sigh of relief and a smile met my lips as I read today's entry. God comforts through the words of those who have gone before, again and again, I am comforted and strengthened for tomorrow.


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