Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Hundred

According to Blogger, I believe this is my 100th post. I started blogging on this site about a year ago, so 100 seems a reasonable place to be. Since I transitioned from student to on mission in my new neighborhood, I find less time to blog. It's not that I have less time then when I was a student, I probably have more of it. But most of it is taken up with talking, cooking, baking, cleaning, entertaining. And...watching movies with my roommate.

While I was in school, finishing up what was, in part, a Bible degree, I loved writing about theology. That theology has a place now. And that place keeps me pretty busy.

Orthodoxy & Orthopraxy should always go hand in hand. Never should one be talked about without the other.

So, here I am, living out my theology. I like it.

I got distracted from what I originally logged on to write about. I posted that bird picture from pinterest because I feel like that upside down crow all the time. Always the odd one. I'm seriously the weirdo. But, I like that too.


The Autumn Rain said...

Yes. Action and belief--an unbeatable combination. Especially when they're of the "orthos" variety.

Thank you for sharing your 100th post with us.

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