Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Big Small City

You know, I posted a couple months ago about community. About how I wanted to move away to a small town and know everyone in it. And, I still do. I need some dogs and some room to run with them.

Lately this city has gotten smaller, though. When you come to a city to attend school, you are confined somewhat to the community of that school, the proximity of people you know is very close, very selective. Through various outlets these past few months I have met many people outside of this sphere. I've been bumping in to these people everywhere in the city recently. I like it.

I'll hop on a bus miles away from campus, and a girl I met through a friend is aboard. I'll sit in Starbucks and a man I talked to two days before at church is sitting, reading a book. I'll walk down the street and practically collide into a friend from work. I'll meet some new friends, like I did last night, Mr. Stanley Christmas and Lee. They wanted a few bucks, I wanted to talk. We parted each receiving what we wanted, and maybe even a little more. My world has gotten bigger, and thus coincidentally, smaller.

Though most of these people I mention are mere acquaintances, it is the connection, that look of recognition, that matters. It helps me get through my day knowing that there are people all around that know me, and might even care. I have heard people scoff at the desire humans have for relationship, the need to be known. I think these scoffers are afraid to be hurt. Afraid to be known. Aren't we all, anyway?

We all need affirmation, friendship, encouragement, love, Shalom, so let's just admit it. I need you. I need you to help me experience God. I need you to help me know what it means to be. I need you to help me keep from sinning, and to tell me when I am. We don't need freedom from people, we need people to help us become free.


mama, ph.d. said...

What a beautiful posting! You have such an amazing gift :) Many gifts!

Life with Kaishon said...

Mr. Stanley Chirstmas and Lee. I love it. I just prayed for them today. I am glad you could talk a little. I am sure you were a blessing in their day.

Kimberlee said...

It is always about relationships.
Living big city or rural community.
I like small rural, but I have lived for years in a bigger city.
Freedom IS about being in relationship with God:people:together

thanks for some good thoughts.

Emma said...

Thank you for your prayers Kaishon - much needed during this weather!

I am envious of your rural community, Kimberlee!

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