Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Night

I have quite a lot on my mind, but all I really want to talk about our two little ones I watched last night.

I had never met these two 5 an 6 year old punks, but I loved them almost instantly. My roommate informed me I would. She was right. Which is not surprising, kids and I often fall in love very quickly. One piggy back ride, a few books, and soon they are sleeping in my arms, trusting that I will hold on to them and not let go.

Maybe that is why I am so drawn to children, and they so drawn to me - trust. They trust that I'll take care of them, play with them, that I genuinely want to be with them. I genuinely do want to be with them, and because they know that, a child's sincerity is not often hidden. They are open with their comments and expressions of pleasure, joy and openness, unmarred by living in social society yet.

This of course, can lead to children saying very silly, and sometimes mean things. I tell them they don't mean it, and maybe they should say sorry. Or, more often, I laugh because to be offended by a child is really a very silly thing in itself.

My punks last night were rambunctious and sweet. They wanted to play, play, play, and even though one a boy and one a girl, the wrestled and played tooth fairy both, like good children should. No big fights. No tears. I wrestled with them, and when EJ kicked too hard, I told him stop. And he did.

Finally we settled into the couch covered in animal pillows and down blankets and read. They both picked out one book each, and I picked out seven. They thought this was amusing. I told them, I like books. They told me it was OK if I read them all. And we did.

I left for the night and the kids held on to their momma's legs, waving goodbye. They liked me, and I liked them. It is really as simple as that.


Donna Boucher said...

That's so sweet.
You will not believe how much you will adore you own children some day.
It will blow you away!

You always wanted to sit so close to Katie does.
I liked that.
Sometimes I make Katie sit on my lap. It's funny how her long legs and arms just stick out and don't fit anymore.

You are like the grandma you never knew...

Esther loved her babies.

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