Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The People's Church

I went to an alderman candidate meeting tonight in Uptown. It was wonderful. As I sat there waiting for a friend, chatting with the people to my left and right, my eyes scanning the people of every race, ethnicity and culture filtering in, my heart began to feel full. Full of the joy of people coming together. Full of real community life, coming to action, coming together for the neighborhood, because they care about what happens to each other. And when a white guy with dreads and a mustache got up and started talking about hip-hop, I couldn't help but smile. When he started rapping, having asked the loud, restless crowd for a "soul clap" and the alderman awkwardly clapped off-beat from behind, my smile broadened. And when the elderly in front of me tuned there in-ear translators, not really minding that a middle-aged white man was rapping on-stage to begin this political meeting, my smile broke into laughter. What a beautiful moment. God was hangin' out with us there tonight.


Life with Kaishon said...

Wow. This post is awesome. : ) God was hangin' out with you for sure.

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