Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goodbye Wisconsin...

My brief blog hiatus is due to the fact that I left my computer charger in Wisconsin when I left last week. I am on the school computer in my apartment building at the moment.

I think I also left my heart in Wisconsin. It is snowing here in Chicago, which brings me some comfort, but then I have to walk to and fro as it falls on the concrete - not quite as serene as watching it fall into endless piles in my backyard. I do not even like cold weather very much, but I believe, more and more, that I couldn't live somewhere that did not have a white Christmas. Or any seasons, for that matter. God always reminds me of rest, death and new life with each season. Then again, we were all meant to live in a garden for eternity, so it is probably not normal to like cold weather, anyway.

This is all rather speculative and selfish, I may not determine where I live this summer, or in 20 years. And I know that I'll be content wherever I land. Let's just call them preferences. Dreams. Hopes.

Having dreams, when one believes in the will of God, is a little different than if one believes that Santa Claus brings us presents down a chimney, and karma determines when I get all the green lights. Not to say that we shouldn't dream, hope, believe - but underlying and at the heart of these is trust. Satisfaction in the goodness of God, our Creator and life source. He has the living water that I want. He IS every good thing.

So if I one day find myself singing Christmas carols and eating bikini clad gingerbread, and it also happens to be 70 and sunny, I guess I'll remember that Christmas isn't about me. Life isn't about me.


Donna Boucher said...

It's so good to bloom where you are planted. Finding beauty and being thankful no matter what your circumstances...that's a quiet and gentle spirit.

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