Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So. I hate shopping. But, I love Christmas. Luckily Christmas is not about shopping, so I can still enjoy this time of year. Unfortunately, I have had to spend some time at the mall in the last few days. Fortunately, it has been with my family and friends, which has made it far more enjoyable. Shopping, standing, looking, feeling, eye balls glazed over from seeing the same sweater over and over again; it exhausts me more than anything else. I do not mind standing in line. I do not stress about money. All of those do not make me fret... I really just do not care about stuff. Shoes, perfumes, watches and diamonds; toys and chocolates and books. I am overwhelmed by the lights, by the smells, by the piles of not yet bought shirts lying helplessly unfolded on the tables.

Is that cardigan cute? Sure, I guess.

Aren't those boots to die for? Well, um, yeah?

If you like shopping, that is nice and fine and perfectly normal. I really do not. I am weird.

I do like making my family smile, and even though I know they would love me whether I bought them something or not, I try to pick out something they will like. Because I want them to know I love them in every way possible I can. Being with my entire family this Christmas is going to be incredible. I am so excited. I can not wait to sit and talk, sit and eat, bake, laugh, share, sled. I already know I will be busy soaking it all in, observing the interactions between my brothers, my new nephew, my sisters, my parents. Like a sponge I'll absorb as much as I can, and keep all those memories close to my heart. That is all I want this Christmas. And, I know, it is what I'm getting. Can't wait.


Donna Boucher said...

Love you!

You forgot...clean...

Thank you for making my life more beautiful in so many ways!

Judy said...

Emma, you are a soul mate...I hate to shop and stay out of stores this time of year. It is so much more fun to give or get an "experience." One year our youngest son gave me a letter which I treasure above any "thing" I ever received. This year our DIL bought tickets to an event that her husband and my husband can share together. No sweaters under our tree unless they are the knitted by hand kind which are the BEST! Merry Christmas Emma!

Emma said...

I do love a good hand knit sweater! (Or leggings in my case this year) (: Merry Christmas to you!

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