Friday, July 25, 2014

Youer than You

My identity sure is confusing. If I had to fill out an about me section on a dating website I'm sure I would come up with zero matches because trying to categorize me is like categorizing your average Multiple-Personality. Even looking in at my own life makes me laugh. Who likes listening to George Strait and Alan Jackson while cooking vegan desserts made out of beans and agave nectar? This girl. Who spends their days working as a paralegal for a successful and high-volume attorney in her Basics sweatshirt and 5-year old jeans? Me. You won't catch me playing Frisbee or wearing grunge-chic clothing like your standard animal-loving hippie-hipster here in Chicago. You will catch me chucking a football as hard as I can in a still-decent spiral I can only attribute to having two big brothers, and anticipating only one sports season: football. Today is the opening day of training camp for the Green Bay Packers, in case you didn't know.

True to my little vegetarian soul, I do love animals. But I think if you raise them, you get to eat them, if you really want to. I'm not talking about your average house pet, hopefully you didn't think I was...

Yes, I really do like country music. I don't get sick of it. It makes me happy. So does hip hop, and the Top 40 for that matter.  I have no class when it comes to music. For a few years in high school and college I tried to be cool about music, but I gave up, and gave in to what feels good. I suggest you do the same.

I have lived in Chicago for six years now and have now idea how I've made it that long. I'm an ever-increasing home body who doesn't like to go out to eat and doesn't give a hoot about the up-and-coming restaurants and coffee houses and vintage shops and cocktail lounges. My favorite parts about the city, and what have kept me here so long, are the people, the lake, and, the people. Oh, and the small-town feel neighborhood I've moved to, and which I never leave if I can help it.

If I could walk everywhere I ever needed to go, I'd be happy. Not really interested in traveling much and I don't have the case of Wanderlust that many of my peers do. I travel to see my family and friends. Usually on a big blue bus with which I have a love-hate relationship.

Like most people I know and love, we have a strong addiction to coffee. But for me, the brand or way it's made matters little. If it tastes OK black, then I'll drink it. Dunkin' Donuts tastes better to me than Starbucks. And though I will admit that coffee from a local coffee shop is yummy, I rarely spend the extra money, and I only drink black coffee, so that fancy latte art is lost on me.

Julia Roberts is my style icon. She always seems comfy and is usually laughing. I like that. Sometimes I cake on make-up, sometimes I go a week without wearing any. I just ordered a one-year subscription to Glamour magazine today because it was $7.50 - I love the feel of a magazine in my hand and looking through the pictures, always starting from the back to front. Staying up-to-date with celebrity gossip is an absolute guilty pleasure of mine.

If I could own any kind of vehicle, it would be a little pick-up truck. Yes, even if I somehow found myself still living in a city.

Maybe I'm not so weird. What do you think?  Seems like so many people fit into their categories while I at best only kind of fit in 17 different kinds of categories of people.  I never went to high school so I don't know what table I would have sat at - let's blame this all on being home schooled - I was never forced to pick a popularity group so I didn't. I just am. I do think fitting in is overrated. Guess I'll keep doing my thing, and you keep doing yours, even if that means you fit into one "category" perfectly - because who made up these categories anyway? Like what you like, love what you love, and let others do the same. I leave you with Dr. Seuss, our fellow and beloved Odd Ball.


Life with Kaishon said...

You are the coolest of cool. I always love reading your perspectives about life. Happy weekending. I hope you have one cup of fabulous coffee.

Mott said...

Emma, You are one of most genuine people I have ever met! You are beautiful beyond measure, sweeter than "agave nectar" and about as abnormal as a person can be AND that is a compliment! Everybody wants to be normal! I'm proud you just want to be YOU! Your mom and dad did a fantastic job. The proof is in the pudding and you are the pudding! Keep on keeping on! <3

Candice Henley said...

Is it weird that I felt like I wrote that as I was reading it? All except the vegetarian part of course ;) I love my meat. The music, clothes, name brand or lack of there of in our closets, football (packers only), love of trucks. I will never doubt why we are best friends.

More importantly, you are the most down to earth person I know. It may feel like multiple personality syndrome, but it's really just you being a low maintenance and genuine person. And I love you best friend :)

kathy b said...

Great. post.

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