Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It took me about five tries to make the title of this not sound like I am a big jerk, and it still kind of sounds like it. I guess I just am then. (Think "I hate being hungry" then think "Privileged American")

When you're running 30-40 miles a week, guess what? You're always hungry. I have been consuming all of my roommate's running magazines like they are peanut butter and bananas themselves and it seems that runners are kind of obsessed about food. And, actually, they have to be. Either because they love food - which many do and that's why they clock the miles - and also because our bodies desperately need the right kind of fuel when putting them through the training.  Here's the problem.

I don't care. My preferred rate of metabolism is: snail-like slow. Before I started running so much this summer my eating habits were fairly minimal. I worked a desk job. I could drink OJ and have a sandwich and I was content. You really can be when you sit around all day. There isn't really a food on the planet I "crave" consistently with the exceptions of tacos and peanut butter. I could live on these two things, and these two things alone. Also, I like my drinks: coffee, juices, the occasional soda pop. That's it, in a nutshell.

Also, I do not hate to cook but I also don't like it very much and also, also, I am quite bad at it. I can follow directions (which makes me a decent baker) but when it comes to throwing things together and having them taste amazing, well, I am terrible. Somehow I add an ingredient that makes normal food taste like I mixed it with garbage. So coming home from work with a huge appetite is a problem, you see?

I don't need a personal chef, because I do not want one. Plus, I would request the same thing every night. Tacos. And they would get mad at me and quit in two weeks.

Not only do I have to eat all the time so my tummy doesn't rumble, I also have to care exceedingly what I am eating. This isn't so bad. I should learn to care. I'm trying. And I do like good things like vegetables and fruits and oatmeal and all that jazz. But really body, so much of it? All the time? Can't you ever stop being so needy? Oh, now you need some extra protein? Now iron? Now Vitamin C? I am to the point where eating a protein bar that tastes like chalk is actually a joy because I know it has all of these things in it, the label says so.

Sorry if this sounds really whiny. I guess it is. I just needed to let you know that while I love running, and this has been an amazing experience so far, I cannot wait to stop eating. so. much. The whole eating in excess because you can thing is, well, not my thing. For people that love to cook, for people that truly love food, for people that are really into health, I am downright positive that training for a marathon, or just running the miles because you want to, is a great way to merge all of your hobbies into one. But if you're like me, and have little interest in food... it's a terrible, terrible mistake.

The ever-hungry and hating it runner


Donna Boucher said...

You have the Boucher appetite and not the Glyman appetite. Tough luck :op

Beth in the City said...

I am sitting here with a rumbling tummy after eating the breakfast that normally fills me. I do not feel like eating. I do not feel like fixing anything. But my metabolism has been revved and I must, to keep it going. I'm on a weight loss journey and when that combines with stress a person doesn't necessarily feel like fixing healthy foods, you know? So your post is encouraging to me right this second. I'm an avid reader of your mom's blog and thus I found yours and enjoy your thoughts on life and running and the world, in case you wonder who I am. :) I live in the city, attend an inner city church with all the details that includes, so your time in the city was fascinating. Is fascinating? Are you still there?

Emma Boucher said...

Beth - I know how you feel. I'd rather eat cereal and call it an evening most nights. Even if the fridge is full of veggies that aren't THAT hard to prepare.

I am still in the city! I am getting my Masters at Depaul in Community Counseling, so it's very community/city/multicultural focused. I really love the program. Living in Chicago has forever changed and impacted my life.

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