Thursday, August 8, 2013

Faith is Simple

(and complex and crazy and frustrating and beautiful and humbling and holy and scary and odd)

But most of all, to me, it is simple.

That's all I can think at night these days, the nights that I put my Bible down next to my bed and my brow is furrowed because after four years of Bible school, and a year of mission work, the Old Testament still doesn't make sense.

In the morning, when the sun rises and peaks and breezes through the trees - grace appears. Grace abounds. I remember simple truths, I remember love and forgiveness. The world and I smile in unison.

Life is such a puzzle that slowly, and painstakingly comes together. There is joy in connecting the pieces.   You have to try, though, try to put them together, and you'll get it wrong. I get it wrong. All the more pleasure when the picture starts to appear.

But most of all, to me, it is simple.

Keep trying, keep on working on the edges, or dive into a colorful section in the middle - if you're brave enough, if that's how you like to do your puzzles.

I think I know (some days) that God wants us to know ourselves, because it helps us figure out Him, know Him, and that's what we're all really after.

Knowing God really is a puzzle, a mysterious process. It's really not as easy as I once thought it was. And yet.

It is simple.

Because I am not good, and He is good.

Because I am not holy, and He is holy.

Because, I am not worthy, and He is worthy.

Because I am not fair, and He is fair.

Because I am not loving, and He is loving.

That's the simplest thing I know.


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