Thursday, September 13, 2012

the pits

What a marvelously lousy day it is. The looming clouds and chill in the air outside match my mood on the inside today.  Thank you, day, for being exactly what I needed you to be. Thank you, God, that there aren't many birds out there chirping away or bikers biking or people smiling. Today people aren't smiling in my imagination. They are crying on the purple carpet in the living room. They are scrubbing dishes that weren't even dirtied by them just because it feels good.  They are wearing the hood on their sweatshirt over their head just because that hood is like a little hood of protection, keeping these ears and brain of mine protected, everything heard through a soft, cotton filter.  Like if someone wanted to hit you, they'd choose to do so with a big, fluffy pillow, so then you just end up laughing instead of angry. I wish that was the case today. Today was already determined to be gloomy, though, and so I'll be gloomy too.


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