Monday, September 26, 2011

fun. fun fun fun.

OK, can I just say how FUN it is to live in Uptown sometimes? Well, all the time really. One thing you can count on when we all get together in a room is a lot of laughter. We tell stories and go on tangents and get way off track, and then laugh and laugh with each other.

Sher and I were walking to lunch at the shelter to talk with some friends when we passed several people hysterically laughing and talking, all at once, all the voices catching and throwing their sound over each other - bouncing off another like a ball. Like the best kinds of friends and family. One of them was our neighbor, and we said, where are you coming from, church? They said yes, of course! Couldn't you tell? Big smiles spread across our own faces, as we soaked in the peels of laughter that hit us as we passed and walked on.

When we host dinners and parties, I find myself in a constant state of giggles. After prepping and planning for hours, rushing around making sure everyone's plate is overflowing and their glass is full, I sit down and take it all in. Smile and smile and laugh and laugh. Eat and eat. It's like Thanksgiving... twice a month.

I can't stop grinning just thinking about it. I'm telling you, being a missionary is fun.


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