Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, I graduated. I guess that is where I was for the past couple of weeks. Back in Madison, I'm taking a sabbath to rest and pray and catch up with old friends. So far, mission accomplished. Although my to-do list for the break is piling up, I am not too concerned. It will all get done. Thank you notes are first on my list - because they mean the most. This is first on tomorrow's agenda.

After a strikingly deep, however unexpected, conversation this evening I was reminded of the need to speak up in each others' lives. Listen for the voice of God prompting to you to speak, and then do so. God uses the strangest people and situations to speak. He did use a donkey once, if I recall correctly. Yes. Yes He did. And so even if you are completely humbled to speak into an elder's life, or someone that has taught you much, or someone you know is much more wise than you, sometimes it is good to listen first to God, and then speak His words. It is possible. In the most miraculous of moments, He has used me to bring some encouragement and love to my friends and family. I have seen and heard of God doing the same in my friends and families lives as well. Why, it is downright insanity when you think of how God has entrusted us with so much.

We have the ability to speak forth true identity, love, restoration and dignity into anyone's life if only we do so through Jesus. It is when we are actually listening that these sorts of things happens, and that is why they are rare. Trust me, I know from experience the missed opportunity to speak life into an individual that needed to hear they were worthy and I let the chance pass me by. I think I do it everyday.


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