Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three weeks...

Three weeks of classes left before I graduate. And, I'm exhausted. In keeping with my honesty streak (or is this just complaining?), I just want to be done with school. I checked out quite a while ago. My life almost completely revolves around a life outside of Moody. Work, new roommates, new neighborhood and community, church, and many new friends in Uptown, too. Classes are the last thing on my mind. Which, I can already tell, will make a more than easy transition. Actually, it's going to be wonderful to not be in school, not living in a college apartment and not going to Moody. Now, I value Moody and am definitely graduating feeling inspired by many of my classes, professors and colleagues. I'm not "burnt out." I'm ready. Ready to hit the ground running in living missionally. Ready to invest more and more time to the people I will be bumping shoulders with daily. Why can't it be now?

You know what else, I'm feeling weak and powerless lately, and from experience I know this is when God likes to do big things. I better get ready. He is already moving so much - what more could He do? I have been amazed time and time again with all the showing up God has been doing in my life the past several months. He is truly everywhere, and I love seeing Him in other people. As I sat by the lake the other day with my future room mates, we were reading a book aloud on community, and then tried out a little solitude (starting to practice our disciplines together!) It was quite beautiful. God was with us. I don't notice Him enough, I long for the day when I can't look away.

PS One incredible thing about living in the city is things like this:
I'm going to hear Makoto and I'm extremely excited. If you happen to live in or near Chicago, come, it's free.


Donna Boucher said...

I wish you would have taken off some time before starting your new job. :(

A Circle of Quiet said...

How was Makoto? Chicago and Makoto are WAY near the top of my dream list. I'd love to hear about it.


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