Friday, April 1, 2011

I only know a little

I've had a few conversations lately that have centered around the morality of Christians. What can Christians do? What can't Christians do? Ideally... should we, could we, would we...if? This can range from core doctrines and beliefs to varying degrees of sensitivity.

I asked my Apologetics professor what he thought about how we should approach different variations of tenderness, or sensitivity to different beliefs. He said he wasn't sure exactly, which I always appreciate a professor being honest about what they have and haven't thought about. He did say that our awareness of evil should always be increasing, and thus our sensitivity to that evil and how we make choices will constantly be in check of our maturity. I like it.

However, I'm not here to say what Christians can and can't do, can and can't believe. Even the smallest thing. Preferences, hopes, likes and dislikes. These are what I have. I believe what I can to the best of my knowledge, given to my by the Holy Spirit. Will I believe the same in five years? Probably not. Not everything. Does that mean I believe the wrong things now? Maybe. But I'm not going to worry too much about that.

You know why? Because God knows my future. He knows my past. He knows my present. He knows these things about everyone. I really can't judge anyone based on their beliefs right now. I do, a little bit. I certainly do. I know I can be judgmental, especially when it comes to how people are acting. Yet, I always remember how close I am to sin. So very close. One decision away, in fact. Evil is everywhere. The goodness of Christ fills me.

I think we should all practice a little something called grace. Keep ourselves in check by thinking "I only know a little", whether it is about the person you are talking to or the person they are talking about on the news. We don't know the whole story. Our thoughts and opinions change the more knowledge and wisdom we have on a subject, especially when given over to God.

Many Christians are always concerned with keeping things in context when it comes to scripture. How often do we rip people's words and actions out of the context of their life? Their experiences? Their pain? Huh. Interesting. Stuff to think about, friends.


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