Thursday, April 7, 2011

Confession as it pertains to my diet

I am doing a little experiment on myself, and changed my diet after watching a documentary called "Fat Head." It consists of eating mostly fats and proteins, and very little carbohydrates. It's not quite the Atkins diet - I get up to 100 carbs per day. These should mostly come from vegetables and a little fruit.

My confession about this all is that over the past three weeks I have been eating McDouble's like it is my job. Most of time I take off the bun. They are delicious. And a dollar. What do I pair with such a fine meal? One of McDonald's giant $1.00 Diet Coke's. How is this a diet, you say? Well, I didn't say it was a healthy diet, per se. If you watch the documentary (free on Hulu) it might make a little more sense.

PS I have not eaten one french fry.


Donna Boucher said...

You mean they don't force you to eat the french fries???

I think I need a mcdouble now.

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