Sunday, October 31, 2010

Breakfast food at night and Halloween costume concert.

Friday at work, a Mongolian girl I just started working with came up to me and somehow or another, started telling me she went to church. I told her I went to Moody. She got very excited. She asked me what I thought about Jesus and the Holy Spirit and I said, well, they're inside of me - their presence is with us now. She loved it. She excitedly told me her prayers had been answered because I was there. She told me how different I was and she knew there was something about me she sensed right away (I've started working as a receptionist down the street just last week). I'm excited to talk more with Jessie, and hopefully bring her to class with me sometime. But I am more excited because talking with her reminded me of something very important that has been absent from my thinking lately - God's presence goes with me everywhere.

With this happy thought I continued my weekend, working everyday, all day, and consuming large amounts of breakfast foods late at night because I don't take breaks at work. Last night after work, I went to a Milano concert, a local band here in Chicago. It was costume themed, of course, so as a cat I went. Forgetting my id, I had two X's sharpied onto my hands proclaiming I was underage, the bouncer apologetically telling me I couldn't drink. I told him to make the X's big because I didn't plan on drinking. About three songs into Milano's set, God suddenly struck me with the realization, again, that He was there. In that room. In that bar. And with joy I knew He was speaking into my heart, proclaiming His faithfulness to me. It was unexpected and assuring, and I rejoiced and praised Him for reminding me of something that I ought never forget. He is everywhere, always with me, always for me, always.

Look Milano up; they're phenomenal.


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